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I passed my Level 3 NVQ in Electrotechnical Technology (2357) and am now a fully qualified electrician

Neil and his team have made this process of changing and learning a new career enjoyable and fun. The tuition is to a really high standard which I confirmed to myself when I compared my training  to others onsite.  Its been  challenging  at times but I have always felt fully supported and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Electrical Courses to anyone starting off in the trade or gaining further qualifications.

Jamie Bartlett - September 2021


I passed my Inspection and Testing 2391 and could not be more pleased with the training I received!

What an amazing training centre! Just passed my (2391) Inspection and Testing and couldn’t be happier! Great lesson plans and quality materials, paired with top notch assessors and teachers make this a training centre that produces results and thrives. I am a 2357 Level 3 NVQ qualified electrician who studied at college and day release for four years at a regional college. Assessors within colleges have a large student base to deal with and sometimes cannot give you as much time and focus as they would like to. This is not the case at Electrical Courses Ltd! They are keen and willing to help you through your selected course with world class knowledge and approachable personalities. They have been key to my career progression and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone experienced or inexperienced to get their training completed here, and when time comes to complete another course I will be coming back to Electrical Courses Ltd no question. So glad I got the opportunity to work with such a great group of people, and I wish them all the best.

George Clarke - September 2021

I successfully completed 2391-52 Inspection and Testing course

My name is Jon Foster. I am a fully qualified Electrician working in the Renewables Industry, primarily dealing with PV installations from small Domestic installs right up to Solar Farms. I have just successfully completed, on my first attempt, the November 2017, 2391-52 Inspection and Testing course at Electrical Courses. I found the course to be rewarding and challenging. The training centre is well set up in both the workshop and the classroom. Neil and Alan taught the course in well constructed and professional lessons which succeeded in passing onto the students the required knowledge to pass the course. Neil and Alan were both friendly and approachable throughout the course. I would recommend Electrical Courses for any electrical training and I would not hesitate to use them again in the future myself.
Jon Foster

Jon Foster

I didn't have any electrical experience before

Before starting at Electrical Courses I did not have any electrical experience so I wasn’t the most hands on person you could find. Even though I had high interest in electrical work I wasn't sure if I was able to adapt to the practical skills expected. Neil and Alan reassured me that by the time I finish the courses I would have the necessary skills to build on and it turns out they were right. The centre is excellent for everyone that is interested in electrical work, be it a newbie into the industry or an experienced electrician aiming to progress. I have had lots of work opportunities upon finishing the level 3 2365 which has not only given my confidence boost on my electrical skills but also underlines what great teachers the centre has. The best testament is when you walk into a construction site and meet other sparks trained at Electrical Courses and see how competent they are at their work. Thanks to the opportunity given to me by Electrical Courses I am now working for Balfour Beatty as a Highways Electrician.

Moses Njenga
Thanks for everything

Leaving the Military was a big decision for me

Resettlement Electrician

Leaving the Military (Royal Marines) was a big decision for me, it's not something I wanted to do but something I felt I needed to do. That in mind I didn't go in to Civvie street straight away, I decided to do close protection for a couple of years while I decided which route to take.

I decided I wanted to work offshore on Wind Turbines in the renewables sector. I always found electrics interesting and you can always take it to so many places. I was looking everywhere for a course and they were all 2/3 years courses at a college and I couldn't afford to do that as had a mortgage to pay. I was lucky to know a guy that did the 6-month course with Neil and highly recommended it.

When I first spoke to Neil he explained it was Monday to Friday with a 3 week gap in the middle and explained all modules of the course.

Finally starting the course I was buzzing. I knew the direction I was going and just needed to get it passed. I felt the course was ran perfect between theory and practical. I'm much more of a practical guy than academic but felt Neil got the balance right and gave breaks when needed and explained things in simple terms so everyone could understand. He was always happy to stay behind if you needed that extra help as well.

I'm now working offshore as a Wind Turbine service & trouble-shooter technician and furthering my electrical skills in this field.

Kelvin Billings

The theory was covered in a very relaxed and interactive manner

Electrical courses review

I had previously worked for 12 years as a telecoms engineer installing voice and data systems and associated cabling networks within the commercial sector. However recent changes within the industry meant that I found that I was really not enjoying my work and so I started to look into my options for re-training to work in the electrical sector as an electrician, a change that I had been considering for several years.
I spent a lot of time speaking with different training centres and elected to visit the Electrical Courses training centre to see the facilities. Upon meeting with Neil who was showing me around I asked a little on the background of the centre and Neil as a tutor himself – his reply was that quite simply he enjoyed teaching and the job satisfaction that it gave him so much that it had inspired him to set up the centre and his passion for getting top results from his students really shone through.
The facilities in both the workshop and classrooms are great and give each student their own personal space for completing their work, yet they are close enough that they allow students to help each other along and work through problems together. The teaching and handouts given as part of the practical lessons ensure that even students with only the slightest experience of practical work should be left with little or no questions on how to complete the tasks required of them. In the classroom, all of the theory modules are covered in a very relaxed and interactive manner with frequent knowledge checks to help you identify gaps in your own knowledge before exam revision begins – something that everyone in my group has found useful at some point over the past weeks.
I have just completed my Level 2 2365 Diploma, am already enrolled to complete my Level 3 and will return to complete the 2357 NVQ and 2394/2395 I&T courses as soon as possible – I’ve really enjoyed my time at the centre so far and have made some great friends as part of the experience. The staff at the centre help you to realise your own potential and are always available to answer any questions you may have – they are a testament to why so many people choose to study with them as opposed to other facilities across the UK.

Russell Whitehouse

I was made redundant and decided to become an Electrician

Electrical Installation trainee


Having been with my last company for 11 years, I found myself being made redundant at the age of 37.  After considering various options about my future career, I decided that learning a new trade in something I was interested in would be the right path to take, and the Electrical trade would hopefully mean that I would never find myself in that situation again, as there would always be lots of options to take within the industry. 

My only problem was that I couldn’t afford to start an apprenticeship knowing it would take four or five years to complete, especially as I have a mortgage and young children and would need to start earning before my redundancy money ran out.

This is when I started to look at other options of training, and the intensive courses that Electrical courses in Cambridge were offering would be the ideal solution, as it would enable me to gain the qualifications I would need to become an electrician in the shortest time possible.  Neil has been a great tutor, and really put me at ease, especially as I haven’t studied since I left school.  He explains everything very well, and having passed every exam first time, I think that is credit to him and the knowledge he has within the industry.

I have now completed the City and Guilds level 2 and 3 in Electrical Installations (2365) and am currently doing the Inspection and Testing courses (2394/2395).  Then I plan to finish the level 3 NVQ (2357) at Electrical courses, which will be the final stage to becoming a fully qualified electrician.

There is no doubt in my mind that I have made the correct decision to retrain in something new, and I would like to thank Neil for helping me achieve my goals.

Dan Saliba, Colchester


I really enjoyed the Level 3 PAT testing course!

Pat testing course

I attended the level 3 The PAT testing course in April and really enjoyed it. At Electrical Courses training centre the atmosphere was very relaxed but informative, which made me feel at ease to ask questions without feeling uncomfortable, unlike the days of when I was at school. The staff at Electrical Courses UK are very approachable and are generally nice people to speak to and the training centre was easy to find. I was in a class of like-minded people who all worked well together and helped it be a more enjoyable course. I feel I got exactly what I wanted from the course and will be recommending others to train at Electrical course Ltd in Cambridge.

There's a bright spark in everyone!

Level 2 Electrical

After sudden redundancy and several months of job searching, I realised that this was my opportunity to make a complete career change. The interest to train as an Electrician had been there for many years, however it was redundancy gave me that extra push. There had always been the feeling that it was never the right time, an excuse I'm sure everyone has used at one time or another, which was stopping me from following this through. After I discovered Electrical Courses Ltd, I contacted Neil and he was very polite and professional and he welcomed me to come to the Training Centre to take a look and speak to the initial group of level 2 students, to see for myself how they were finding the course. My previous experience of sales and E-commerce meant my knowledge of the electrical industry/trade was as a total novice, so it was a big decision. Now I can proudly say I am qualified in Level 2 Diploma in Electrical Installations (2365). I've also  just completed the Level 3 Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) course (2377) and set up a PAT testing business ( The next step for me is to progress onto the Level 3 Diploma in Electrical Installations (2365), which I am thoroughly looking forwards to. With Neil's passion for teaching, you know he has your best interest at heart, giving all the support you need, both in and out of the classroom. Whether you are a clever cloggs or a slower learner, Neil will make sure you understand each unit, as he's aware not everyone will learn at the same pace. No one is left behind. I would strongly recommend that for anyone who is looking to become an Electrician, Electrical Courses Ltd Training Centre is the place to do it. Top level of teaching, top level of equipment, top level of results. Remember there's a bright spark in everyone.

Richard Bonilla, Cambridge
B Pat Tested

Electrical Courses Ltd offers more than any other training center I have researched.

Electrical Improver

I started the 2365 course in February 2014, currently I’ve just passed my level 2 with distinctions and I am soon to start my level 3 (2365) course. The courses offered by the guys at Electrical Courses UK give you everything you need to know and more, Neil strives to ensure you understand and are comfortable with every unit no matter whether you are used to the level of education or not, he provides a center where like-minded people can learn the trade without distractions and with a high level of support. I fully intend to carry out the 2394 and 2395 inspection and testing courses as well as the NVQ level 3 and if possible PAT testing course in my time at Electrical courses because I feel that the training center offers more than any other center I have researched. I am striving to start my own business on finishing my courses here and Neil does everything he can to support you and offer advice in the present and offering his knowledge in the future should you require it, overall choosing to further my education and career at electrical courses is a choice I fully endorse and would highly recommend anyone with the same decision to make to follow.

Samuel Smart
St Ives, Cambridgeshire

Excellent training centre and teaching

I completed my Level 2 Diploma in Electrical Installations (2365) in November and was very impressed with the level of teaching, the equipment in workshop was very good and the workshop itself was spacious. I was very happy with the way I was set up with a wall for the duration of the course and completed lots of different types of circuits using different cables, conduit, trunking. One thing I really enjoyed was the ease of switching power onto my work once it was completed so I could see my installation work for real rather than putting something on the wall and taking it off again. The teaching materials and the online guidance for exams provided by Electrical Courses Ltd was excellent and helped me pass each exam first time and with some very high results. Now I am studying the level 3 Diploma in Electrical Installations (2365) and almost finished with just a few assignments to hand in. So far I have enjoyed the level 3, it has been challenging, but I want to become Electrician and that's what I expected. I would recommend Electrical Courses training centre to anyone wanting to become an Electrician with the best training.

Christopher Hamilton
Cambourne, Cambridgeshire

I now run my own Building Services company

qualified electrician

Neil at Electrical Courses Ltd has always gone beyond the role of a tutor, helping me securing an Electrical Apprenticeship and always supported me in my career. I highly recommend him as not only is he a good teacher, but has helped me with life skills that I will use throughout my career.I now run my own building services company in Cambridge, which I may have not had the confidence to do with out the help from Neil.

Excellent teacher - Level 3 Inspection & testing courses

Neil from Electrical Courses Ltd was my Lecturer at College where I studied Level 2 and Level 3 Electrical Installations 2330. He prepared our class very well for all the exams we undertook by providing us with excellent reading material and ensuring all aspects were covered during lessons. Neil’s teaching style is relaxed and very informative enabling a fun atmosphere in which to learn. I have recently passed the City and Guilds Level 3 Initial verification and certification (2394), level 3 Periodic inspection and testing (2395) and PAT Testing course 2377 first time thanks to Neil at Electrical Courses Ltd.

Angela Fitzgibbon
Newmarket, Suffolk

I found the Portable Appliance Testing Course really useful!

I found the Portable Appliance Course course really interesting and useful and being from a non-electrical background, the way Neil explained everything helped. It was good to get our hands with the PAT testing equipment and managed to pass the practical exam! Think it speaks for itself.

Miles Farbridge
Babrham Institute, Cambridge

Just completed level 2 Electrical qualification

I have just completed my level 2 electrical qualification at Electrical Courses and I am very pleased with all that I have learnt in only 8 weeks! The workshop is very good and all the tools and equipment that was provided during the course were of a good standard and up to date. The teaching is excellent and it felt like a great, friendly environment. Electrical courses Ltd even gave me the opportunity of some work experience, such as installing some downlights in a domestic installation under the supervision of my tutor. Now I am really looking forward to start the level 3 at Electrical Courses.

Gilmar Deledon
Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

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