Introduction to AM2

Who is the AM2 for?

AM2 is for qualified electricians and the purpose is to ensure all qualified electricians achieve a single standard that has been agreed by the employers in the industry as meeting their needs from qualified personnel. The content, structure and marking of the assessment is designed to evidence that a candidate has gained all the relevant safety critical competencies during their training process. AM2 provides a reliable and trusted guarantee of safe, high quality workmanship for the electrotechnical industry and is highly valued by employers, who regard it as evidence of competence for an electrician.

Why do you need the AM2 assessment?

  • AM2 assessment is the final unit of the electrical installation qualification
  • It ensures all qualifying installation electricians achieve a single standard that has been agreed by the employers in the industry as meeting their expectations from newly qualified personnel

What does the AM2 assessment consist of?

The AM2 is a practical assessment and includes 5 sections. The assessment requires the candidate to perform a set of common occupational procedures and tasks that fully qualified electrician might face in their jobs when working at industrial and commercial buildings as well as dwellings. The assessment is taken over a total of 16.5 hours.


On the assessment the candidates do timed tasks in equipped areas containing typical electrical installation wiring systems. The tasks include installation, fault-finding, inspection and testing. The work must comply with the current British Standard (BS7671: 2015) and meet with the requirements of relevant Health & Safety legislation and industry best practice.


The test is an industry recognised trade test that is controlled by the National Electrotechnical Training (NET) Organisation in conjunction with the Joint Industry Board (JIB) and Summit Skills who are currently the Sector Skills Council for the Electrotechnical Industry.





Where to find more information on AM2 assessment

Please visit the link here for Net AM2 website for more information AM2

Fees (plus VAT)

Am2 First attempt £730

Re-sit of Section A:

1 section £180

2 sections £280

3 sections £350

4 sections £425

5 sections £475

Re-sit of Section A1: £135

Re-sit of Section B: £200

Re-sit of Section C (previously C1): £135

Re-sit of Section D (previously section C2): £200

Re-sit of Section E (previously section D): £135

AM2 Preparation Day (optional) £125


2.5 Days


First attempt AM2 - £730 (plus VAT). First Attempt AM2S/ AM2E - £780 (plus VAT)

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