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At Electrical Courses Ltd we offer two main sets of Electrician Courses and which ones you chose depends on whether you are new to the industry or you are already a qualified electrician and looking to progress in your career. We also offer the Level 3 PAT testing Course which is open to anyone. Scroll down and click on each of the qualifications you wish to learn more about or purchase.

Future Electrician Courses we aim to deliver!

We are aiming to offer the Level 4 Award in Design, Erection and Verification Course (2396). This course is perfect for Electricians who are responsible for the design, specification, installation and testing of Electrical Installations. The course goes into more depth of the IET Wiring regulations than the 17th Edition course.

Students will learn, develop and practice the skills required when designing and scoping electrical Installations. They will also learn the following topics;

  • Statutory and non-statutory requirements relating to electrical installation design, construction management and verification.
  • BS 7671 requirements relating to electrical installation design

  • How to apply design and verification procedures for single and poly phase electrical installations

  • Fundamental principles for the design and installation of associated protective systems relating to electrical installations

  • Factors that affect choice of alternative energy sources and environmental technologies used within electrical installation design.

If you are interested in attending this course then please give us a call and we will put your name on our list, so when the qualification is finalised then we will give you a call back!

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