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There are few options to pay, you can:

  • Pay through the online booking system by clicking book on line at the bottom of any of the webpages which contains course information.
  • Pay over the phone using a credit card, by calling 01223 834062
  • Pay by credit/debit card at the Electrical Courses training centre

There a few ways to book a an electrician course with us:

We do however require a 10% deposit to officially book any course.

It will depend on the course but here our durations:

  • Level 2 Diploma in Electrical Installations (2365) – 8 weeks, 5 days week.
  • Level 3 Diploma in Electrical Installations (2365) – 8 weeks, 5 days week
  • Level 3 NVQ in Electrotechnical Installations (2357) – Duration is down to the candidate because this is a work based qualification, but we only allow a maximum of 2 years.
  • Level 3 NVQ in Electrical Experienced Worker (2346) – Duration is down to the candidate because this is a work based qualification, but we only allow a maximum of 2 years.
  • Level 3 Inspection and Testing (2391-52) – 7 days total. First week is 5 days of consecutive learning in a classroom and workshop, followed by 2 days of exams on the 2nd week.
  • Level 3 Requirements of Electrical Installations 18th Edition (2382) – 3 days
  • Level 3 Electrical Vehicle Charging Course (2921) – 3 days
  • AM2 Preparation day – 1 day
  • AM2/S/D assessment – 3 days

Full details will be on each programme specification and displayed on the course calendar.

All of our qualifications are accredited by City & Guilds  and our AM2 assessments are accredited by the NET.

Yes, unless an alternative assessment date is required.

You will be told by your tutor and will receive certification from the awarding body.

You will be given support and guidance by your assessor and offered the opportunity for a re assessment. If you fail an online exam youmay need to pay for a resit.

No, unless you need to resit an assessment or have to purchase any books, but this information will be in joining instructions which are sent to candidates prior to starting the course.

You will be given a full set of resources that will support you whilst studying. Check the specific course page for any extra books needed to sit the exams, such as the IET Wiring Regulations or On-Site Guide. Any extra learning guides are purely optional but if you would like any advice please ask us by email.

It is down to the candidate to plan your route and accommodation if required. The address and map for the Electrical training centre in Cambridge is at the bottom of the
Contact us page.

No but there are a few B&Bs in Sawston (CB22) or there is a travel lodge 3 miles away click here –> Travel Lodge Fourwentways

Click –> Booking Form  to download it and then email it to info@electricalcoursesuk.co.uk 

Yes there are, please check the top part of webpages for the specific course you are interested in.

100% attendance, commitment and drive to do well. Our learners are generally self funded with a high motivation to be successful.

Attendance is vital to ensure your successful completion. However this cannot always be guaranteed by each candidate. Teaching staff will do all that they can to support candidates to catch up. In some cases candidates may need to re book onto another programme.

No they do not but the IET Wiring Regulations Qualification will need to be updated each time a new edition comes out. For example the 17th Edition came into place in 2008 and ended on 2018. Now general Electricians have to comply with the current 18th Edition Wiring regulations which came into full effect on January 2019, so electricians had to update their regulations qualification.

Eventually yes but not straight away. The first two steps of training which are done by completing the level 2 Diploma and level 3 Diploma, do not require the candidate to be working and these are studied at our training centre. The third & forth steps, which entails the Level 3 NVQ and AM2 do require candidates to be working in the Electrical Industry.

No, Engineering is classed as a different field to Electrical Installations. To become a qualified Electrician you need to hold a level 3 NVQ in Electrical Installations and AM2 assessment.

No, the 18th Edition course is open to Electricians and allied trades. The course is theory based and structured around the IET Wiring regulations.

Candidates are required to be a qualified Electrician or as a minimum hold a level 3 Diploma/Certificate in Electrical Installations.

First of all you should contact ECCTIS and have your non UK qualifications compared to the UK standard qualifications. Once you have done that, you can check the JIB/ECS website to see if you meet the requirements.

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