Electrical Courses exams

At Electrical Courses Ltd we strive on making our students learning experience as comfortable as possible. To help our students prepare themselves for their online exams, we designed an electrical courses exam simulator, for all of the electrician courses that we offer. Whilst this is no substitute for actually learning to become an electrician, it will teach students to be able to tackle an online exam, answer questions under the pressure of the clock and teach to carefully read the question before answering.


There are on average a bank of 400 questions per exam simulator and they took 9 years of hard work to make up, they then took tens of hours to format and convert to be used for the simulators that was designed by a friend. I would like to thank the designer, who doesn't want to be named and George for helping convert my thousands of questions.


Whilst the exam simulators are free to use for anyone, there are some glitches still and we are working on that. If you would like to help with the glitches then email us via exams@electricalcoursesuk.co.uk the question and what exam it came from.


If you would like to thank us in return then you can do in a number of ways;

  • Let others now of our website and the courses we offer.
  • Consider using us for training in the future
  • Share and like us on Facebook

The exam simulator is simple enough but here are a few pointers;

  • When you have chosen your answer, select it and press answer.
  • If you want to come back to a question later, then press flag and a new drop down box will appear.
  • Once you have got to the end of the questions, check your flagged questions then press finish.
  • Keep an eye on the timer.
  • When you have finished, all the questions will appear and you can see what questions you got right (U) and what the correct answers (A) are if you got them wrong. This is another bonus for revision because you can print this out.
  • Check at the bottom for how well you done in each outcome and overall.
  • Remember its free so have respect for the exam and the hard work that went it to it.

Press the button below for the exam simulators and the select what exam you need from the drop down box on the next page then press overview.

  • Level 2 Electrical installations (2365)
    • 2365 - 602 (Science)
    • 2365 - 203 (Electrical Installations)
    • 2365 - 210 (Career awareness)
    • 2365 - 501 (Health and safety)
  • Level 3 Electrical installations (2365)
    • 2365 - 301 (Micro renewables)
    • 2365 - 623 (Fault Diagnosis and Rectification)
    • 2365 - 624 (Inspection, Testing and Commissioning)
    • 2365 - 625 (Electrical Systems Design Not added yet)
  • PAT testing
    • 2377 - 100
  • 17th edition
    • 2382 - 101
  • Inspection and testing
    • 2391 - 52

Currently not working well on some internet browsers such as Opera but this is being worked on.