City & Guilds 2394/5 – 302 written exam made more flexible.

Current 2394/5-302 written exam process

Currently the 2 hour written exam can only be completed at 6:30 on an evening approximately every two months. This isn’t exactly ideal for Students and training providers alike but it was accepted because it has been seen as a very tough and strict assessment.

The new 2394/5-302 written exam process

City & guilds now have a new on-demand facility for (2394-302) and (2395-302) and is available for centres to register. Centres & learners now have the option to book and take the exam at any point during the year.  The new on-demand assessment will remain as a short answer question method and candidates will now have to type their answers on screen.

City & guilds will continue to run the current dated entry element alongside the on-demand version for a period of time.

For more information click here City&Guilds FAQS

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