Our former students tells us why they chose to become an electrician and what their career looks like at the moment.

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Richard Bonilla decided to leave retail and office work in order to pursue his dream about becoming an electrician. Here he answers questions of his journey into the trade. 


Q: Why did you decide to become an electrician?

A: I always wanted to have trade under my belt even when I was in school. Unfortunately, I didn't really have great career advice back then which lead me in to a path of retail and office work. It was only by being made redundant that gave me the push to pursue a career I always wanted.


Q: Why did you choose Electrical Courses as your training provider?

A: I chose Electrical Courses because I had been let down by another training provider which was a scam. This experience left me very uncertain about training providers however I found Electrical Courses online through google and decided to call Neil. Neil came across very professional and friendly. He invited me down to visit the training centre so I could look around and speak to the existing class he had. When I came down for a visit I didn't know what to expect but when meeting Neil I noticed how friendly he was, the training centre looked very clean and tools and equipment looked to high standard. When I left I knew straight away that I found the right training centre to start my career in becoming an electrician. 


Q: How did you find the day-to-day studies at Electrical Courses?

A: I found each day very informative and productive. It was great to have a teacher to teach at a high standard and make sure that you were not being left behind and that you understood the subject. I could see Neil didn't only teach because it was his job, but he did it for the passion of teaching and passing on his knowledge.


Q: Did you find it easy to juggle studying as an adult student during the weekdays?

A: The course was well designed for an adult student and I was fortunate to have the time off for all the courses I enrolled in. Between the courses I managed to gather work experience. 


Q: Have you been able to find a job as an electrician after the course?

A: I found work the next week from when the course ended which was with the company I did work experience between my level 2 and 3. 


Q: What kind of electrical installation jobs have you been involved in?

A: I have been involved in minor works to new installations. In all environments: Domestic house bashing, commercial/industrial refurbs and new installs.


Q: Are the jobs you are involved in as you expected them to be?

A: Yes, every job that I have been involved in is exactly what I expected and I’m always learning something new which was one of the main reasons why I decided to become an Electrician. 


Q: What new skills have you picked up since working in the electrical industry?

A: I have become very hands on with tools and working with all types of containments. I now understand better how other trades work and how new buildings come together. 


Q: What would you say to anybody who is thinking about training to become an electrician? 

A:  I would tell them about my story where I came from, what I used to do and why I became electrician. I would also tell them where I trained and if they were looking to become an electrician then get in contact with Electrical Courses as I highly recommend it. I even mention it to qualified Electricians who are looking to complete their Inspection and testing as I truly believe they will not be disappointed when choosing Electrical Courses.


Q: What are your future plans as an electrician?

A: My future plans are to continue working as Qualified Electrician gaining as much knowledge as possible and continue to work to a high standard.