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One of the most confusing questions asked on how to become an electrician is "what qualifications are needed to become qualified". There are some training providers in the UK that will sell you courses that last 5 weeks and are titled “Part P course”, which make you think that you will be a qualified Electrician on completion. When really they will sell you a package of make shift courses, that teach you very basic subjects and at the end of it you may earn the title of a “Domestic Installer”. Whilst these courses are ok for “experienced” electricians without any qualifications, they are less than ideal for someone looking into becoming an Electrician from scratch.


At Electrical Courses Ltd, we do not promise you Electrician jobs on completion or give you a licence to take on complicated Electrical Installations tasks like re-wiring a house after 5 weeks of training. We will however give you the opportunity to undertake the training and achieve the qualifications required to become a qualified Electrician.

Once you have achieved all 3 of these qualifications, you will hold the same qualified status of “Electrician”, as a four year Electrical Apprentice, who has just finished their training. The Joint Industry Board (JIB) of Electricians sets standards, wages and grades for their members of the Electrical Industry and one of the largest and most respected regulated bodies in the industry. If you want more information on what they set for requirements, to hold the status of “Electrician” then you can check out Section 4 of their handbook.

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